Document Posting Guideline

The goal of this is to define what is needed when submitting an article on insureco docs. Each article is required to be done in markdown .md files.

  1. Title
  2. Preview Text
  3. Slug
  4. Thumbnail Image
  5. Category
  6. Tags
  7. Keywords
  8. Cover Image (If Needed)
  9. Header Image (If Needed)

Images Definitions


Cover Image

Article Header

Article OG Image and Title

When people send messages containing links to web sites, Messages in iOS and macOS will automatically generate inline previews for the links. These previews rely on metadata from the page referenced by the link or article.

Open Graph meta tags included on
<meta property="og:title" content="iPhone" />
<meta property="og:image" content="" />

Thumbnails will be used for the article on the main page of the document site and other areas where we are showing list views. The thumbnail top, left, or right. The top will require more copy as it will fill the full 750px of the list. The right and left will only float a small thumbnail. The cover will be used when you would want to have a full screen cover for the article.

Image Name Position Size Temp • Guide
thumbnailImage top (full) 750 x 236 PNGPSD
thumbnailImage left 140 x 140 PNGPSD
thumbnailImage right 140 x 140 PNGPSD
coverImage full 1920 x 1080 PNGPSD
header inline 1200 × 628 PNGPSD
ogImage openGraph 927 X 487 PNGPSD

Add a centered comment to the header image by adding a *italics* directly under the image.

Sample MD file for article


date: {{ .Date }}
title: "{{ replace .Name "-" " " | title }}"
draft: true
previewText: This is future of insurance automation, security, and decentralized management, all combined with an outstanding customer experience.
ogTitle: The future of internet.
autoThumbnailImage: false
thumbnailImagePosition: "left"
thumbnailImage: /images/article/article-thumbnail-temp.png
coverImage: /images/article-cover-temp.png
metaAlignment: center
  - InsurTech
  - blockchain
 - Insurance

![alt text][header]
*Caption Text*

[header]: /images/article-header-temp.png