Chicago, IL - May 15, 2017 The founder of InsureEco, Derek Lovrenich, recently traveled to the OnRamp Insurance Conference in Chicago, Illinois for a showcase regarding the new release of their app. InsureEco’s new app, InsureBio was designed for users to create a biography where they can store their insurance data. This data is stored in Policy Blockchain — InsureEco’s private blockchain — which offers extreme security and prevents the sale of any personal insurance data.

InsurEco’s private and public blockchain solution, Policy Blockchain, also helps to determine who can see what and how long they have permission to access certain information with smart contracts.

“The entire industry is turning a blind eye to the way data is being stored and shared. Most insured’s have no idea an insurance agent is sending an email with his or her personal information to 100 different possible markets,” explains founder, Derek Lovrenich. “There are also insurance companies sending this information overseas to tech companies who are running analytics against it to predict losses and profits with very little oversight.”

Mr. Lovrenich feels his company’s new application, InsureBio, is an application that will disrupt the entire insurance lead generation market and bring and end to annoying insurance sales calls.

For more information on InsureEco and their new app, InsureBio, visit their website at: and