alt text Easily be complaint by adopting this simple API

Get State Max Fee API

Public API to determine max fees allowed by state. This is operated by insurEco public innovation team and will be updated as new state rules come out. This is the same API used in raterSpot Multi-Rating System.

Feel free to use this in your innovations to ensure you are always complaint with any and all state fees regarding charging insurance fees in the USA.

If you have any comments or concerns please contact insurEco system



state - The two digit US Postal State Code where the fee is charged.
fee - The fee in USD that is proposed to be charged.


Name Type Description
status string “true”, “false”, “error”
msg string A full text message for use in your UI.
data object The cleansed data from our service.
data.washedFee number Fee after applying state max rules.
data.washedFeeText string Formatted washed fee to $x,xxx.xx.
data.passedFee number Fee passed into the service.
data.passedFeeText string Formatted fee passed in as $x,xxx.xx.

Browser Based GET

You can use this in your browser or with other legacy systems to interact with the public API. We do not advise using this as a final solution.

URL: state / fee

See JSON API POST Post for recommended solution.


Using a traditional POST call passing in all variables as a JSON Object with the defined schema will return a JSON object to be consumed within your UI.




  Content-Type: application/json


	"state": "FL",
	"fee" : 1000.32343


Success - Washed:

When your fee triggers a state rule, we will update the status to true and run formatting on the values for you. You can use washedFee or display washedFeeText directly in your user interface.

  "status": "true",
  "msg": "We have updated your fee to a max of 35 per FL State Law.",
  "data": {
    "washedFee": 35,
    "washedFeeText": "$35.00",
    "passedFee": 1000.32343,
    "passedFeeText": "$1,000.32"

Success - Not Washed:

When you pass in a state where no rules were triggered, we will set status to false so you can set a condition to ignore any response in your ui. Just to be nice, we have passed in the formatting for whatever number you passed in.

  "status": "false",
  "msg": "Your fee was untouched by state regulations.",
  "data": {
      "washedFee": 1000.32343,
      "washedFeeText": "$1,000.32",
      "passedFee": 1000.32343,
      "passedFeeText": "$1,000.32"


We used the state as DS which isn’t a state.

  "status": "error",
  "msg": "State Not Found - Use Two Digit Postal Code. - You Passed in: DS",
  "data": null

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